2010 KTM 350 SX-F


Med hjelp av motorcrossmester Stefan Everts har KTM utviklet en ny 350-kubikks cross som de presentert under Milano-messen. Den fyller ”tomrommet” i SX-serien som tidligere har gått fra 250 kubikk rett opp til 450 kubikk.

KTM er ikke ukjent i motorcross, og under pressekonferansen dro de fram de mest meritterte guttene (og ei jente) for 2009-sesongen. Hjelpeutvikleren Stefan Everts har gitt seg med aktiv motocross men erkjente at det absolutt fristet å prøve den nye modellen som har både lenkarm og direkte innsprøytning.

KTM er svært sparsommelig med tekniske opplysninger om den nye modellen selv om den skal komme for salg i løpet av neste år.



Det som er å lese om den nye modellen i årets pressemateriell er følgende:

KTM is presenting a near series-ready, four-stroke motocross race motorcycle with 350 cm³ at the EICMA 2009 in Milan. With this move, the sports motorcycle specialists from Mattighofen, Austria define a completely new path in Motocross.

Motor Sports and Development
KTM lives and breathes 100% motorsport. This is completely evident when the KTM Motocross Factory Team transporter again docks at the factory in Mattighofen after a long race weekend. Team boss: No-one less than MX multi World Champion Stefan Everts. His commitment creates fantastic possibilities for the factory because he is able to perfectly dovetail development and motorsport and in doing so, assists in writing a new chapter in the long, tradition-rich history of the Austrian manufacturers significant success in Offroad sport.

With all of his immense experience and enormous energy, the meticulous Belgian is driving a very special project, the results of which carry the stamp of the MX legend right down to the smallest detail as well as those of the powerful KTM genes. It is this symbiosis that carries the promise of something really special. It underlines KTMs proven core competence in the area of Motocross and is being proudly presented to the public for the first time on the occasion of the EICMA in the form of the new 350 cm³ MX concept.

With this pilot project version of a completely new Motocrosser, KTM again demonstrates the courage and determination to leave the beaten path. Its benchmark data with 350 cm³, linkage and injection are based on a broadly applied, permanently ambitious development that is carried out always looking straight to the future. This is a radical new interpretation of an existing structure with a clear goal: maximum sporting success and enthusiastic customers!

Why 350cm³, injection and linkage?
When one observes KTMs hugely successful 2009 Motocross season, it is hard to recognize any room for improvement. Marvin Musquin excelled in picking up the MX2 title with teammate Rui Goncalves close behind as MX2 vice world champion, Max Nagl triumphed as vice world champion in the MX1 class and Steffi Laier wrapped up the womens world championship title. But it is exactly this success story that provides the fertile soil for KTMs untiring will to advance and this is exactly the vision of the KTM Factory Team to continue to improve on their established strengths and at the same time to explore a whole new path. This is Ready to Race in the broadest possible context.

The future
A new concept does not however mean that KTM will place less importance on its traditional models KTM is still governed by the will to win and the stop watch. Therefore for the 2010 season, the well-known, newly presented 2010 models the SX 250-F in MX2 and the SX450-F in MX1 will be in the starting lists. And, as in 2009, they will surely continue to celebrate great success in 2010. Meanwhile the Project-350 continues to run at high pressure. With these moves, KTMs traditional obligation to its customers remains completely valid: What the factory riders use on the track is always also available for sale.

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