Hayabusas 10 års jubileums sykkel


Tidligere har Gregg DesJardins (ombygger) og Jonathan Reed (lakkering)gjort en god jobb for Kawasaki både med B-King og andre Hayabusaer og så gjerne at de tok denne jobben også når de ville slå ekstra på stortromma til Hayabusas 10 års jubileum.Av: Mona Forsnes’

Gutta hadde kun noen korte uker på å få det til og det ble brainstorming på høyt plan. Det de ville ha, var et titall på siden av sykkelen som også gikk over på tanken i tillegg. En av dem hadde en $ 10 seddel på seg og denne ble så nøye gransket

I stedet for å kopiere grafikken til seddelen ville DesJardins ha et eget design på dette og han var inspirert av firehjulingenes verden. Han sier:

«We mirrored all the graphics. I wanted the graphics to wrap around the tank as you sit on it,I was reading some import car magazines. They’ll put graphics on one side, with a mirror image on the other. I’m a big fan of contrasts and textures.I think it makes the motorcycle. When people are looking at it, it’s subconsciously because of the textures. We did some matte and glossy paint, and some metal-flake, some anodized, chroming, and raw finishes. It’s a risk, but sometimes it works and I am thinking it did.»

Reeds Sport Chrome tok jobben med overflatebehandling av metallet og lakkeringen av Hayabusaen og samarbeidet med LesJardins fungerte utmerket. Reeds kommentar:

«It’s a very interesting process when Gregg and I work together. We brainstorm ideas and piggyback off what each other suggests. Sometimes we’re on the same page after 10 seconds, and sometimes it takes hours or days. But, when we get aligned in our thoughts, it’s incredible. For me it’s indescribable watching the image in my mind transform as someone contributes their ideas and improves what you at the time thought could not possibly be improved.»

Om Suzuki Hayabusa sier DesJardins:

«is definitely designed to be ridden and fully functional, just like a stock bike.» Producing prodigious amounts of horsepower in stock configuration, the only engine-related modification is an Akrapoviè header with Gregg’s Customs’ Garrison Shorty Race muffler with billet end cap. This is a multi-purpose change that enhances performance, sound and appearance.

At sykkelen er laget for å bli fremvist på MotoGp sine arrangementer er forståelig men det ingen tvil om dets herkomst og ytelse. Grafikken dominerer fronten på sykkelen men kommer i balanse med resten når man ser det uimotståelige bakpartiet.


DesJardins sier:

An immediately striking change is a 2008 Suzuki GSX-R1000 tail section with Gregg’s Customs’ subframe and billet aluminum fender eliminator kit.The GSX-R subframe is something I’m selling. I think it’s a great look. Corbin makes a seat for the kit. Once you get the tail mounted, neither the Hayabusa seat nor the GSX-R seat works, so you need a custom seat. I’m not typically a Hayabusa fan, but with that tail I really like it.»


Hva gutta har gjort mere ser du under her:

Indisputably, the aggressively angular GSX-R1000 tailpiece evokes a completely different response than the bulbous stock Hayabusa rear. «When you have bodywork you’re limited,» DesJardins notes, «but I think on this ‘busa, the tail system looks like it could roll off the showroom floor.»

Below the seat rests one of Gregg’s Customs’ signature designs-the serpentine Side-Arm swingarm. DesJardins takes tubular chromoly steel and TIG welds it into a work of astonishing practicality and beauty. Often powder-coated or left raw, the 240 Side-Arm on the 10th Anniversary Hayabusa was chromed by Sport Chrome. Not merely a showpiece, the 240 Side-Arm is engineered to track-level specs, maintaining the Hayabusa’s credibility as a purely sporting motorcycle.

Attached to the 240 Side-Arm is the reason for the «240» designation-an 18×8.5 Sport Chrome-exclusive Performance Machine black-anodized Forged Assault rim capable of mounting a 240/40 Pirelli Diablo rear tire. «The Assault back wheel is a special deal,» DesJardins explains. «It’s made specifically for our subframe. Even though it’s wide, it’s lightweight.» Performance Machine also provided the Assault front wheel, along with the front rotors and radially mounted calipers.

Mention of the front calipers reminds DesJardins of his favorite design element on the Suzuki 10th Anniversary Hayabusa. «One thing we’ve done that we’ve never done,» he reveals, «is the grayish-brown hard, clear anodized finish on the rear seats and front calipers. It’s a purposeful coating, and gives it a racy look. We had hard-clear mixed with a chrome frame and black wheels. Traditionally, a motorcycle is chromed out or utilitarian black. We mixed it really well. At the end of the build, the biggest impression is that we tied together all the textures, colors and features.»


Liker du denne utgaven av Hayabusaen?

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