Et eksosanlegg som gir mer krefter, mere dreiemoment og mindre vekt takker kanskje nok ikke eierene av Honda VFR1200 nei takk til heller?Av: Mona Forsnes

Ikke at det er nettopp det denne sykkelen trenger men når muligheten er der, er det flere som må ha det, bare må ha det.

Her hva Leo Vince skriver:


Two slip-on exhaust options released by LeoVince for Honda's brand new 1200cc tourer – the VFR1200.

A tourer is what this new 1200 is all about, and LeoVince have designed their new slip-on's to fit with the optional Honda panniers, and also retaining the stock stand as well. No modification is necessary for pannier use.

Replacing that bulky stock exhaust will not only save weight, around 3 kilos's, but will reward the new VFR owner with a better and smoother torque band, increased power throughout t

he whole rev range, and endow the bike with a much improved sports sound – plus a removable db baffle for increased throatiness. Exhausts are 'E' approved so perfect for long euro-trips.

Tech specs (tested on a new bike at LeoVince factory in Italy)
POWER – 9bhp at 10,300rpm, 7bhp at 8,000rpm
TORQUE – from 3% to 6% gain
Immediate power and torque gains from 3500rpm, with a smooth increase all the way up to 10,500rpm

Silencers are SBK-FACTORY designs that are full titanium with carbon fibre tailcones, and a choice of titanium casing, or carbon fibre casing. All versions are supplied with 2 x link pipes for easy connection to the stock pipe, plus carbon fibre mounting strap, db baffle and full mounting kit. No modfication is required, and all exhausts are designed at the factory to work with stock fuel settings.

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