Et nytt GPS/GPRS basert system kan hjelpe deg i å finne motorsykkelen om den blir stjålet.

Det er et web-basert system og grensesnittet er det eieren som styrer selv. Av: Mona Forsnes

Firmaet (Road Angel) er best kjent for sitt utstyr som varsler om fotobokser. De har nå byttet fokus til å lage sporingssystemer for motorsykler. Sporingssystemet er en liten enhet som kan i utgangspunktet gjemmes overalt på sykkelen din. Dette blir kombinert med GPS satellitt sporing med GPRS mobil teknologi og kan spore sykkelen opp uansett hvor ferden går. Den sender ut et signal via GPS som sender det videre til en sentral server via mobilnettverket. Posisjonen blir så sendt til din datamaskin via en sikker webside.

Systemet er laget for å spore opp stjålne motorsykler men kan selvfølgelig brukes til å spore dine egne turer, stadfeste pendlingen din og den kan også følge din kjøring på bane. Enheten kan kjøpes for 299 engelske pund med en månedlig avgift på åtte pund som inneholder oppdateringer.


Informasjon om produktet.

Road Angel Group launches Bike Trac the UK’s first interactive security and tracking system for motorbikes

Alerts to unauthorised movements of motorbikes
Users can see where their motorbike is in real time via a personalised web-based tracking system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Tracks journeys so users can see where they’ve been, how many miles they’ve travelled, and which routes they took

50,000 motorbikes are stolen in the UK every year… 40% are never seen by their owners again!

Motorbikes are an easy target for thieves, as they can be all too easily bundled into the back of a van or lorry. Bike Trac, a revolutionary new product developed by Road Angel Group, has been designed to give motorbike owners peace of mind by alerting them as soon as their bike is moved.

Using a combination of GPS, GPRS and movement sensor technology, Bike Trac monitors the location and movement of motorbikes and alerts the owner by SMS text message & email if their bike moves and they’re not on it.

Each user has access to their own secure web-based tracking system that they can log into day or night to see where their bike is in real time. If their bike is stolen, they can use the system to track its movements and work with the authorities in getting it back.

Graham Mackie, Managing Director of Road Angel Group said, We developed Bike Trac after talking to our customers and in response to the high levels of motorbike theft in the UK. Motorbikes are an easy target for thieves, and with the higher levels of crime we are seeing since the start of the economic downturn, Bike Trac is a product designed to protect motorbikes and give their owners peace of mind.

In addition to its security benefits, Bike Trac also monitors journey information. This allows users to log in to their secure tracking system after their ride to see where they’ve been, how many miles they travelled and which routes they took. It also monitors the state of both its internal battery and the host bike’s battery alerting the owner if either falls below an acceptable threshold.

The combination of security alerts, the unrestricted access to a personalised tracking system, and the journey reporting features makes Bike Trac the UK first interactive and dynamic tracking device designed specifically for bikers.

Retail Pricing:
Bike Trac retails for £299.99 including VAT.
A monthly subscription charge of £7.99 is also required in order to cover data transfer costs. Yearly options payable up-front are also available.

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Bike Trac Key Features and Benefits:

Discrete, waterproof, vibration tracking device that monitors unauthorised movements of motorbikes

Movement alerts sent by SMS text message and email indicating actual GPS location, triggered when:
o Device moves outside of a geographical area (geo-fence), or
o On-board motion sensors detect movement

Monitors journeys so users can see where they’ve been, however many miles they travelled and which routes they took

Secure web-based tracking system powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth(TM) maps, allows remote real-time monitoring of motorbikes

Device can also be used for other vehicles and leisure craft such as caravans, motor-homes and boats

Easy installation. Only requires connection to vehicle battery supply, an earth source and ignition (ignition is optional)

For short-term use, Bike Trac will last up-to 30 days powered by its internal battery – without connection to a power supply