KTM tar racing på alvor, og lanserer nå flere forskjellige racing-kits for sin nye RC8R.

Du kan velge mellom Club Race Kit, Superstock Kit og Superbike Kit med blant annet økt effekt som resultat.

Her er pressemeldingen fra KTM:

KTM underlines its motorsports ambitions for the companys very latest Superbike, the new 1190 RC8R, with three different, immediately available engine kits, an indication that it is more than ever, on time and Ready to Race for the 2009 racing season.

The KTM 1190 RC8R already offers inspiring potential for fast laps on the racetrack in the series version. Thanks to this very latest vehicle concept equipped with up-to-date, high value, outstanding chassis components, the latest two-cylinder Superbike from the Mattighofen (Austria) factory is the perfect choice for all racing enthusiasts. And for all those who make regular appearances on the racetrack there are three special engine kits available immediately that have each been specially developed by the RC8 Racing Department for various racing applications.

RC8R Club Race Kit
The Club Race Kit is the perfect choice for ambitious visitors to racetrack training sessions, but also for RC8R competitors in a range of amateur racing series. The power of the high performance V2 engine can be lifted a further 10 hp to 180 hp with very little effort. The use of a specially developed, high-quality Akrapovic EVO4 sports exhaust system together with an amended cylinder head gasket, specially tuned valve timing as well as the use of an altered fuel injection mapping all result in a significant increase in performance. Because this adaptation involves only a few changes and the construction of the engine is very well thought out, any official KTM dealer is able to make the Club Kit adaptations in just a few hours.


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Superstock Kit
The Superstock Engine Kit, which involves 14 different types of updates, is significantly more comprehensive. The kit, specially developed for the needs of the Superstock championship racer, lifts the performance of the engine even further and at the same time offers a whole range of optimizations and adaptations to facilitate easy maintenance and durability during racing activity.
All the modification parts in the Superstock Kit have been tested together with the RC8 Racing Development Team and offer championship riders the optimal prerequisites on the basis of the RC8R.


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Superbike Kit
An even more comprehensive level of configuration is available, via the RC8R Superbike Kit, to professional and amateur riders who want to compete in the national Superbike classes or in open category racing series. In addition to diverse components like a racing wiring harness, cylinder heads or motor brackets that are identical to those in the Superstock Kits, the Superbike Kit has a whole range of other special parts. As well as a transmission kit, special cylinder, camshafts, the ambitious racer is also equipped with a comprehensive Suter Anti Hopping clutch.


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All of these performance kits are already immediately available via any official KTM dealer. The price of the Club Race, Superstock and Superbike Kits may vary according to different levels of value added tax applied in the various countries, information about which is also available at any KTM dealer. All kit parts can also be purchased individually.

All about Ready to Race
Quite apart from the new RC8R performance parts for various motorsports applications, the KTM PowerParts Department also offers additional RC8 special parts for use on closed racing circuits. Items ranging from useful equipment like assembly stands, tyre warmers or tools right up to cladding parts made from GRP or carbon, various wheel sets, suspension elements, brake components or a whole range of milled parts , all ensure that all the requirements of both sport motorcyclists and racers are covered with the high quality KTM range of spare parts.

For mere informasjon sewww.ktm.com.


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