Trykkammer minsker bortetiden for førerne


Trykkammer terapi hjelper nå de store stjernene til å komme fortere tilbake til banen når de brekker ben på ”jobb”.Av: Mona Forsnes

Neste helg er fire uker siden han gikk i asfalten og nå er det pån igjen ved Brno banen, Tsjekkia. Disse gutta blir selvfølgelig godt tatt vare på og får den beste behandlingen som kan kjøpes for penger og det siste tilskuddet på stammen er å behandle de i trykkammer, sammen med ultralyd terapi. I tillegg er de jo selvfølgelig topptrente og tar ansvar for egen kropp og helse.


Forklaringen er som følger:
A hyperbaric chamber places the patient in a higher atmospheric pressure environment supplied with 100% oxygen (normal air is usually composed of approximately 20% oxygen, with the other 80% composed mostly of nitrogen). The earth’s atmosphere normally exerts about 15 pounds per square inch of pressure at sea level; that pressure is defined as one atmosphere absolute (1 ATA). In the hyperbaric chamber, pressure is intermittently increased up to two times (2 ATA). The combination of increased pressure and maximum oxygen content dissolves the oxygen into the blood and bodys cells, tissues, and fluids at up to 10 times normal concentration, with greatly increased blood flow and healing of bones and tissue listed as one of the many benefits. Ultrasound therapy has also been found to increase bone cell growth and accelerate healing by stimulating cells through the minute vibrations caused by high-frequency sound waves

Pressemelding fra Teamet:
Only 18 days on from the awful race crash in Sachsering that fractured his left tibia and fibula, LCR Honda MotoGP racer Randy de Puniet feels ready to get back in Brno. The Frenchman underwent a successful two-hour operation on his left leg the night after the German GP to insert a titanium rod and started an intensive rehabilitation program to get him fit enough for the Czech Republic GP on the 15th of Augustonly four weeks after suffering the fractures.

De Puniet:
The first GP I watched on TV since my debut (Laguna Seca) it was a bit hard for me but in the meantime it was good to me to take some rest. A couple of days after the surgery I left the German Hospital to begin the Hyperbaric Chamber sessions in Saint Marguerite Hospital in Marseilles under the supervision of Dr. Mathieu Coulange and his team. This machine increases both the pressure and oxygen levels to help repair the tissues of the body at a faster rate. Then I moved to Cannes to pursue my reeducation supported by Doctor Marc Saramito and the physiotherapist Bernard Achou. I made sessions of ultrasounds to strengthen a little more my bones. Last Monday I moved back home in Andorre pursuing the ultrasounds sessions with a domestic machine and I finally started to do some sports. Every day I go to the gym for cycling and I am training the top of my body with rubber bands and exercises. The doctors are always surprised with the speed with which I recover, and I have to admit that I am as surprised as they are! I use less and less my crutches. I still hope to be back for next Grand Prixhowever the final decision will be made in Brno next Thursday when the circuit Doctor together with Doctor Costa will examine my leg and my overall physical condition.

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