Teamsjef for Promoracing, Dani Devahive, forteller nå at de har fått med seg den spanske skuespilleren Antonio Banderas som sponsor til sin moto2-satsingAv: Mona Forsnes

Til forteller Dani Devahive (for tidenopptattCEV Bukler (Det spanske mesterskapet))at utrustningen som skal brukes Moto2 skal hete Team Jack & Jones av Antonio Banderas.

Joan Oliviè som kjørte seg inn på en niende plass i verdensmesterskapet for 125 og Kenny Noyes, er teamets sjåfører og de fikk anledning til og prøvekjørte syklene i Valencia i uken som gikk.

Dani Devahive forteller:

We’re very happy as after 10 years of hard work in the Spanish Championship and other various international projects, we have finally reached our goal: to move up to the World Championship with our own team, two riders and a strong technical structure. The new Moto2 class is the best possible opportunity for us to showcase our potential,

Om Antonio Banderas sier han:

Antonio is a big fan of motorcycling and he first became involved in the project when we were looking for a sponsor. He had a look at our history and what we have achieved in the Spanish Championship and decided to commit himself to our project, becoming the team owner. Within the team he’ll be a great source of inspiration and motivation for the riders and everybody, but he will also raise the media exposure of the team, which will be important for us to secure more resources and ultimately get more and more competitive.

With a very busy schedule, it won’t be easy for Antonio but he’ll try and come to as many races as possible. He’s used to waking up at 4 am to watch the races as he lives in Los Angeles!

He’s very keen on this project and just like me, the ultimate goal is to race in the MotoGP class. Looking at how things are going and at the possible rule changes, it seems that within a couple of years a privateer team will be able to move up to MotoGP, with the adequate sponsorship and media profile. That’s our target and that’s why Antonio wanted to come into the Championship with a new team, starting from scratch and building a new outfit.