Falcom Motorcycle skal redesigne 10 britiske klassikere.

Her er Falcon Bullet som er Triumph-basert og den førte av de 10 unike syklene som vil være bygd rundt Norton, Velocette, Ariel, BSA, Matchledd, Royal Enfield, Brough Superior og Vincent.

I tillegg til Bullet holder Falcon nå på å bygge en til inspirert fra Triumph. Denne heter Kestrel, og blir den siste Triumph i Concept ten fra Falcon.






Falcon Motorcycles pressemelding:

A Slice of British History – Made in the USA

Throughout history, culture and myth, Falcons have symbolized, vision – elegance – speed and power.

These fundamental qualities inspired Ian Barry of Falcon Motorcycles to pursue the creation of the perfect motorcycle. A post-war British motorcycle fanatic (Vincent/ Norton /Triumph/ Rudge/ BSA etc.), Barry makes history as he embarks on the Only Ten project – to build 10 Falcon motorcycles from the most revered, sought-after historic British marques. Each Falcon will be unique, using derelict frames and engines from the pre and post-war era (circa 1930-1960).

Falcon Concept 10 series will include: (Bullet – already made for actor Jason Lee), The Kestrel (currently in process and will be the last Triumph made by Barry), Rudge, Ariel, BSA, Norton, AJS, Velocette, Royal Enfield and Vincent.

The essence of these classic bikes will be distilled and filtered through the inimitable Falcon aesthetic as abandoned skeletons; derelict engines and far-thrown parts will be reconstructed and fully resurrected. Falcon motorcycles are built entirely from the ground up over a 900 hour fabrication process – nearly every part, every element of frame and engine component is remade, refurbished, customized and/or altered to create a wholly new motorcycle. The original parts are sculpted and machined from raw blocks of reclaimed metal.

The first Falcon the Bullet (a breed of falcon) was a board track racer-inspired Triumph motorcycle commissioned by and custom-made for actor, Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous). The unique balance of beauty and function both raised eyebrows and gained respect from esteemed motorcycle experts when it was named winner of the Best Custom Motorcycle Award at The 2008 Legend Of The Motorcycle International Concours (The Oscar of Motorcycle Awards). The award was presented by Jesse James, and chosen from a field of motorcycles built by the custom motorcycle elite. The astonishing thing was that the motorcycle won despite being only on display at the event, and not actually entered into the competition.

Paying homage to the British gentlemen of a more civilized era a sophisticated classic culture exuding grace and charm, Falcon Motorcycles are in sharp contrast to the over-the-top muscle bikes seen so often in todays custom motorcycle culture. Barrys artisan approach to the creation of his bikes, his integrity, combined with his philosophy of following a perfect form, balanced asymmetry and functionality, is what makes Falcon Motorcycles stand, some say, in a league all of their own.

From their humble beginnings, Falcon Motorcycles recently moved into a downtown LA workshop aptly named, The Falconry, a remarkable creative work space in which, once through the heavy doors you are transported back to a place where individuals were skilled craftsmen spending many long hours building things by hand and where bespoke motorcycles are brought back from the dead and taken into the future.

How can one own a Falcon? Interested clients can make an appointment to meet with Barry and discuss their idea and vision. To have a bike commissioned, the potential buyer must share the same values; Barry will only agree to build you a bike if you respect and admire similar aesthetic and heritage.

Falcon Motorcycles was formed by Ian Barry and Amaryllis Knight to fulfill a mutual dream: to build motorcycles without compromise and form a company that will mean something a hundred years from now.

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