Honda kommer som kjent med en ny V4-motor som blant annet skal inn i den ”nye” VFRen. Nå har de sluppet informasjon om at de har utviklet en helt ny automat med dobbel clutch, som blant annet skal brukes i den nye VFRen.

Designet skal være meget kompakt, som muliggjør bruk av automatkassen i flere typer motorer selv om den er utviklet for motorer med høy kubikk-faktor og sykler i sport-segmentet.

Automatkasen har dobbelt sett med clutch, hvor den ene benytte til 1,3 og 5 gir, mens den andre benyttes til 2, 4 og 6 gir. Dette skal gi mykere, raskere og mer økonomisk giring i form av mindre driftsoff-forbruk. Dobbelt clutch-system gjør dermed at neste gir er klart med en gang forrige gir kobles ut.

Systemet har tre modus; Manuelt skifte, Drive og Sport.


Her er pressemeldingen fra Honda:

September 8, 2009Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that it has developed the Dual Clutch Transmission, the worlds first fully automatic motorcycle dual-clutch transmission for large-displacement sport bikes. The new transmission provides riders with a sporty riding experience, combined with easy operation and superior transmission efficiency, which delivers fuel economy equal to or better than a conventional manual transmission. The new VFR large-displacement sport bike equipped with the new transmission will be released in Europe and North America in 2010, with sales to commence in Japan at a later date.

This worlds first motorcycle dual clutch transmission features a light, compact design that allows it to be combined with existing engines without substantial layout modification. Further, the new transmission delivers the precise acceleration control which riders require thanks to electronic control technology that helps ensure smooth, seamless gear changes. In order to respond to rider demands in a broad range of situations, the transmission is equipped with three operating modes, including two full-auto modes (D-mode for regular operation and S-mode for sporty riding); and a 6-speed manual mode, which delivers the same shift feel as a manual transmission. Honda intends to gradually expand the deployment of the new transmission to more and more of its large-displacement motorcycles, particularly sports models destined for use in traditional large motorcycle markets.

Honda will continue to deliver motorcycles that match the needs of society and users lifestyles, spreading the joy of riding and mobility.

Key Features
The new transmission features a dual clutch transmission configuration in which independent clutches are employed for the odd gears (1st, 3rd, 5th) and even gears (2nd, 4th, 6th), respectively. The two clutches operate alternately to effect gear changes. For example, when changing from 1st to 2nd gear, the computer detects the up-shift and engages 2nd gear, then releases the 1st-gear clutch while engaging the 2nd-gear clutch to achieve a seamless gear change. While some existing dual-clutch transmissions are bulky, the new system employs original technologies such as dual input shafts, an innovative in-line clutch design, and concentration of hydraulic circuitry beneath the engine cover to achieve a compact design. Compactness and lightness is further enhanced through the use of a simple shift mechanism design based on that of a conventional motorcycle shift drum. Optimised shift scheduling achieves fuel economy equal to or better than that of a fully manual transmission, enabling Dual Clutch Transmission to deliver both sporty riding and environmental performance combined.