KTM satser stort på rekrutering til motorsporten, og kjører i 2015 KTM RC CUP i hele sju land. Blant disse syv er vår «nabo» Finland, sammen med Tyskland, England, Nederland, Italia, USA og Mexico.


KTM RC CUP er en fortsettelse av ADAC Junior Cup som ble kjørt i fjor. Det står ingen aldersklasser på informasjonen, men om det er for de med junior-lisens, er det nok beregnet for de i alderen 13-19 år.


Alle løpene går med KTM RC 390 sykkel som er en en—sylinder, 4-takt på 373 kubikk som yter 44 HK og som fra fabrikken blir levert originalt med WP-dempere både foran og bak.



Du Finner mer informasjon om Cup’en på den nye nettsiden http://www.ktmrccup.com/

Sykkelen som benyttes er behørlig presentert her: http://www.ktm.com/supersport/rc-390/







READY TO RACE in seven countries with dedicated RC CUP online portal launched.


KTM RC CUP now racing in Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and Mexico for 2015

CUP specification RC 390 perfect package for young racers

New website launch to capture all KTM RC CUP activity – www.ktmrccup.com


KTM RC CUP – Countries

Thanks to the impact the supersport KTM RC 390 has made since it was let loose on roads all over the world in 2014, KTM is proud that its ‘CUP’ racing variant will battle it out in competition in no fewer than seven countries in 2015 with all of the exciting track activities communicated through a dedicated new website.


Following this successful introduction of the ADAC Junior Cup, that had its premiere in 2014 with 30 young riders successfully battling for good results, the German series is also joined by similar concepts in the United Kingdom, USA, Finland, the Netherlands and Mexico to springboard future talent in 2015. While in Italy, RC CUP machines will battle with other similar displacement bikes in the CIV Italian Speed Championship.



The KTM RC 390 is an exciting, light and practical sports bike with a 44hp, 375cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine housed in a steel trellis chassis and fitted with top-level components. Being a KTM, the RC could only be created in the READY TO RACE way and its potential base as a competitive, capable and yet unintimidating race machine became quickly apparent.


In sporty action the CUP version of the RC 390 convinces with a huge array of readily available, performance-focused KTM PowerParts and fully-adjustable WP Suspension. Along with removing an unnecessary 9kg of weight from the unwanted road kit, the result is proven; the KTM RC 390 CUP single-minded race machine and corner expert.


The fully-adjustable suspension package not only allows for individual set up for each race; it is also a valuable learning tool for suspension set-ups. The bike has adjustable foot pegs and handlebar levers to fit different ergonomics, making it ideal for young talents that are still growing.


KTM RC CUP – Website

To keep track of these global battles and to find out further information about the RC CUP and its relevant series around the world, KTM has set up a new KTM RC CUP website as the definitive hub for all information – www.ktmrccup.com.


The website is available in five languages and details bikes, racing series with results and championship standings and photo albums. Not solely an information hub, the new website regularly provides background and paddock stories as well as portraits from all over the RC world.