Italienske MC Agusta feirer ikke mindre enn 70 år i år, noe de vet å utnytte med flere internasjonale markeringer og selvfølgelig nye modeller og deltakelse i både World SuperBike og World SuperStock.




Den største nyheten de kommer med er F4 RC (Reparto Corse) som lover 212 HK, i hvert fall i racing-utgaven som blir benyttet i WSBK.


Selv om MC-merket er ved «pensjonist-alder» er det lite eller ingenting som tyder på alderen merkes negativt til produsenten som legger stor vekt på et gjerne spektakulært, flott design på sine modeller.


Norsk importør av MV er Erling Sande AS, som har oversikt over alle modellene til MV Agusta her.
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• Schiranna-based motorcycle manufacturer celebrates anniversary with a packed calendar of events.
• WSBK and WSS championships with the MV Agusta Reparto Corse team.
• Launch of the new MV Agusta F4 RC (Reparto Corse) and Turismo Veloce.
• MV Agusta Riding Experience with Ciro de Petri.
• 22nd MV Agusta revival at Cascina Costa
• 2nd edition of Gli amici di Claudio (Friends of Claudio), 11 and 12 July 2015 in Schiranna.




This year the MV Agusta brand is celebrating the seventieth year since its founding. To mark this anniversary the Schiranna-based motorcycle manufacturer has drawn up an impressive calendar of events and activities. Things kick off at Philip Island (Australia) this week, where we’ll be presenting the MV Agusta “Reparto Corse” team competing in WSS and WSBK.


The Supersport category promises to offer a thrilling battle for the world championship crown with current vice-world champion Jules Cluzel racing alongside Lorenzo Zanetti. While in WSBK, the team will be placing its trust in the expertise, skill and speed of Leon Camier on an all-new F4 RC (Reparto Corse). That’s the name of the latest version of the F4: a 212 hp machine, type-approved for the SBK category that, in its road configuration, is one of the great new bikes for 2015, together with the eagerly awaited Turismo Veloce, a model that marks the brand’s entry into the growing tourer market.


This is also the official bike of MV Agusta Adventure, the new Riding Academy headed by “Dakarian” Ciro De Petri, adventurer par excellence, renowned for his feats with the Cagiva Elefant.


This unique tutoring experience is for those looking to perfect their riding skills on an MV Agusta, in settings that span from the peaks of the Dolomites to the sands of the Sahara.


On 24 May Cascina Costa will be the venue for the 22nd MV Agusta Revival. With its procession of vintage motorcycles, this history-evoking event will take place ahead of what is, perhaps, the most eagerly awaited event of all: Gli amici di Claudio (Friends of Claudio).


This exciting celebration will be held over a weekend inside the long-standing Schiranna factory and will include displays, competitions, shows, tests, and exhibitions and everything else that orbits around MV Agusta and the legendary figure of Claudio Castiglioni.


New developments for this seventieth year include the strengthening of the partnership with Mercedes Benz–AMG. During the season, this will take the form of various communication initiatives and events designed for the respective car/motorcycle communities that focus on the shared values of performance, exclusivity and style.




MV Agusta, the company branch dedicated to the design and construction of motorcycles – an offshoot of Costruzione Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta established in 1919 – was officially founded on 13 February 1945. For some time there had been plans in the pipeline for a bike that would be affordable to run, reliable and versatile: the MV Agusta 98. Production began at the start of 1946, mere months after the end of the Second World War.


The best way to give the fledgling brand visibility and encourage growth was deemed to be participation in road races: the 98 won its first race on 6 October 1946 in La Spezia. It would prove to be the first victory in a winning streak unequalled anywhere in the world, a success story culminating in the conquest of 75 world titles and 270 race wins. The first world title was won by British racer Cecil Sandford, while the first Italian to take MV Agusta to world title glory was Carlo Ubbiali in 1955.


Moto Guzzi and Gilera’s domination in the 500 cc class was brought to an end by the arrival of John Surtees, who rode the 4-cylinder MV Agusta to no less than 7 world championship wins, before making the switch to Formula 1 where, in 1964, he became world champion with Ferrari.


Yet motorcycling fans soon found a new hero in the form of Mike Hailwood, the gentleman rider nicknamed “Mike the Bike”. He dominated the field from 1962 to 1965, before having to abdicate to his successor, Giacomo Agostini, the man who would go on to take a record 15 world championship titles in both the 350 and 500 cc classes, ultimately becoming a global ambassador of both motorcycling and MV Agusta.


This incredible string of world championships was brought to a close by another Brit, Phil Read. In 1974 he took the last world title in the 500 cc class. MV Agusta’s last win, instead, was scored by Giacomo Agostini at the German GP of 1976, also the last win by a 4-stroke bike before the advent of MOTOGP in 2002.


After a hiatus of 20 years, the MV Agusta brand reappeared at the 1997 edition of the EICMA with a bike of jaw-dropping beauty: it was the MV Agusta F4. It stemmed from an idea of Claudio Castiglioni’s, who, after founding Cagiva and breathing renewed life into Ducati and Husqvarna, completed the greatest achievement of his illustrious business career by moving the prestigious MV brand from Cascina Costa to Schiranna.


The bike is an impressive concentration of style, technology and brilliance, bristling with multiple technical and aesthetic solutions, covered by exclusive patents, that put it in a class of its own. The trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, removable gearbox, radial valves and adjustable steering head are just a few of its unique features. The bike was an unprecedented success with the public and industry experts alike and led to the rebirth and definitive consecration of the brand as a symbol for high-end bespoke motorcycles.


Today the company, now headed by Giovanni Castiglioni, has a comprehensive range of 19 three and four-cylinder models, ranging in Power from 110 to over 200 hp, yet all designed for an elite of enthusiasts seeking uncompromising uniqueness, style and performance.