Nolan har kommet med ny hjelm for helårsbruk. N43 Air er en hjelm som du selv enkelt kan konfigurere om til seks forskjellige bruksområder/muligheter.

Hjelmen har innebygget solbrille og kan benyttes som halvhjelm, helhjelm, med eller uten visir eller en liten skjerm.

Pressemeldingen fra Nolan på engelsk følger under bildene.





Winter’s ice, snow and freezing cold temperatures confine most motorbikes to the garage, but true aficionados get right back riding as soon as possible.

And Nolan has great news for all-weather bikers: N43 AIR, the transformer helmet! N43 AIR is a fully modular jet helmet that can be easily and quickly configured in six different ways, making N43 AIR the perfect helmet for both out-of-town and city riding.

N43 AIR also stands out for the important technical solutions used in its design to guarantee ever greater comfort:

– utilising 5 separate air intakes, one front, two rear and two upper, the exclusive ventilation system incorporated into the design is able to effectively direct three independent air-flows;

– the innovative, neutral coloured* ‘Deep Visor’, large and close-fitting in its lower portion, gives the helmet all the advantages of aerodynamic qualities; also supplied as standard ready for use with the NFR system (Nolan Fog Resistant);

– the VPS sunscreen combining with the visor

– the innovative protective chin guard, which allows, thanks to a simple and practical fastening system, changing the open-face helmet into a full-face one, and the other way round;

Whats more, N43 AIR is equipped with the latest generation Clima Comfort inner comfort padding, which is fully removable and washable. The padding is made from a highly ergonomic fabric that provides freshness in all seasons, this being superbly enhanced, courtesy of the new internal air channels.

Don’t delay! N43 AIR, the design and technology wonder awaits you in all specialist shops!

*not Light Blue as wrongly written in our catalogue