Det ramler mye rart inn i innboksen i eposten til tider, og ikke spør meg om hvordan enkelte på andre siden av kloden klarer å finne akkurat min epost adresse, og attpåtil med en MC nyhet.


Anyway.. denne gangen gjaldt det en ung kar fra USA som selvsagt har satt ny verdensrekord med cross-sykkel, og den nye rekorden er ikke mindre enn en trippel baklengs salto – og derretter faktisk lande på hjula.


Pressemeldingen som ramla inn på epost er under videoen, som selvsagt er laget i god amerikansk spirit.







Successfully Lands The World’s First Triple Backflip On A Motocross Bike



(New York, NY / Tuesday – April 28, 2015) Josh Sheehan achieved a landmark feat today by becoming the first person to ever land a triple backflip on a motocross bike. The spectacular World’s First took place at Nitro Circus ( founder Travis Pastrana’s “Pastranaland” complex in Maryland. Video of the Triple Flip can be found HERE


To stomp the biggest and most dangerous trick in the history of action sports, Sheehan reached a speed of 60 mph on his 200-pound bike and traveled up a massive 37-foot tall takeoff ramp. The takeoff ramp was positioned at a staggering 81-degree angle and Sheehan reached a height of approximately 80 feet in the air. Previously considered in extreme sports circles as impossible as climbing Mt. Everest, swimming the English Channel or running a four-minute mile, the triple backflip is a groundbreaking milestone.


“It was an exhilarating ride and to be the first person to ever have done this was definitely a defining moment in my career and a dream come true,” Sheehan said.


Pastrana, Nitro Circus founder and Sheehan’s fellow teammate, was the first to ever land a double backflip at the 2006 X Games competition in Los Angeles. However, completing a triple backflip was more difficult, requiring much greater speed and strength as the take off ramp was roughly 28 feet taller than the nine-foot ramp needed to complete a double.


“Seeing Josh achieve this is so awesome. I know firsthand just how much commitment something like this requires. With the ludicrous amount of height it takes to pull around the rotation, the slightest misstep may well have meant death. Josh is one of the gutsiest guys on the planet for even attempting this, let alone nailing it,” Pastrana said.


Following this momentous accomplishment, Josh Sheehan will hit the road with Nitro Circus Live, visiting Europe this summer. Titled Nitro Circus – Moto Mayhem, this all-new, high-octane spectacle will feature over thirty of the world’s greatest extreme sports stars. Headlined by 17-time X Games medalist Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus – Moto Mayhem will include FMX, BMX, snowmobiles, quad bikes, minibikes and every conceivable contraption imaginable.