Yamaha har sluppet en pressemelding (og video) hvor de mer enn antyder at de snart kommer med nye klassiske retro-modeller.


Retro-segmentet for MC har blitt ett voksende marked i det siste, og ingenting tyder på at det skal endre seg. Nå ønsker Yamaha og en større del av denne kaka i tillegg til de modellene de allerede har.



Pressemelding fra Yamaha

Faster Sons: Building Bikes to Believe in


Yamaha has pioneered the Sport Heritage segment in the last years, leading the market in offering easy to customise factory motorcycles, and inspirational concept machines in collaboration with the world’s best custom builders through the Yard Built platform.


With the unprecedented hype generated in the custom/retro bike sector, many motorcycle manufacturers are now trying to grab a piece of the cake. We want to keep moving forward, innovating and leading the way so we’ve been thinking: what role can we take to offer more diversity & innovation in this segment?


It was from asking ourselves this question that ‘Faster Sons’ was born, a natural evolution of our Sport Heritage bike building philosophy. ‘Faster Sons’ tips its hat in respect to the bikes that came before, whilst also showing pride in the faster sons of today and tomorrow, because above all, we love to ride.


Now our internal working title has become our mantra, defining what Sport Heritage bikes we build for tomorrow.


Yamaha’s Faster Son to be seen on the streets soon…