Terms and Conditions:



All registration is done online on BikePort webpage. This is the only valid registration method.

When registered you will get several payment options. Choose the option most suitable for you. Please note that some payment options may have additional cost.


Pre- and full payment:

To confirm your registration, a pre-payment of € 100 is done through your payment of choice. The full payment must be done two months before the start of the event.



If you cancel your registration before two months of the event starts, the pre-payment (€ 100) will not be refunded. Cancellation after the two months deadline won’t be accepted, and the total participation fee will be kept.

In absence, you can change your registration to a fill-in rider. The absence rider must name the fill-in rider, and this must be done by email.



BikePort AS assume no liability for damages and/or claims on or beside the tracks and the surroundings as well as after an accident for person and/or physical damage.

Furthermore, BikePort AS is not obliged to cover a third-party policy.

The participants (+ novices) have to sign a waiver of liability before enter the track. The waiver of liability have to be signed by the legal guardian/parental unit for minors.

The registered participant is liable for damages/claims through riders using their bikes without personal registration at BikePort AS, the participation will be immediately terminated for this and further events of us. Trespasser will be held liable to prosecution.


Personal Insurance:

All participants must have a personal (travel-)insurance that covers personal accidents on track that leads to medical assistance. This include any hospitalization, surgeries, or any kind of medical help. The insurance must also cover cost of transportation home to your home address if you’re not available to do this transport yourself.

On some events we offer the necessary insurance in addition for all those who wants this.


Your Bike:

Only water is allowed as cooling liquid (no frost protection) because the will endanger third parties on the track. Headlights, tag number and mirrors have to be removed or taped. Every rider is self-responsible for the impeccable condition of the bike.

The bikes will be checked visually while entering the track. Any modifications or noncompliance to safety regulations are prohibited and our staff is permitted to deny the access to the track. Without re-modification, a general exclusion could occur.

The bikes have to be in technically impeccable condition, both brakes have to be fully operative, petrol pipes, oil filter and all similar systems have to be backed from ease and/or unscrew.


Clothing and personal equipment:

Only leather suite (one- or two-piece suit) with back protector are allowed on track. Textile clothing is prohibited. EC-standard helmet is mandatory as well as high boots and leather gloves. Please keep in mind to close the helmet autonomously.


Cancellation – Force Majeure:

If the event are cancelled due to situation beyond our or track-owners control (Force Majeure) the partition fee might not be refunded.