Indoor Storage Only!

Our Storage in Cartagena

Indoor storage only!


bikes – cars – lorries – campers – even semi-trailer!

We store everything indoor out of the sun and with stable temperature!


Just 10 minutes from Cartagena Circuit, you can now store all your racing equipment throughout the ​ winter. You can collect your equipment whenever you want whether you are going to the track, or heading out to tour the region. The warehouse is in an area with Security gates, indoor and outdoor camera surveillance and is fully alarmed.


The storage is approx. 750 square meters, and large enough to store articulated trailers inside.


Only our customers that have booked storage will get the address to the facility.


We would prefer that your bikes had the added protection of being stored in cases / bike boxes whilst staying with us. This to protect your bike for any possible damage while in storage. We are happy to supply bike boxes on a rental basis or for purchase.


If you want to store your bike without a “Bike-Box” that is possible for an extra cost, and a waiver.


And you can off course store your bike inside your van, truck etc.

Bike-Box for storage:

The storage boxes are 230(W)x87(D)x130cm(H) outside, including fork lift socket.

If you don’t have your own “Bike-Box”, we can provide one for rent.


Simple repairs:

If you like to have simple repairs done while your bike is in storage, we can provide this.



Please note that all storage is indoor!

We will always have room for your bike, but our facility might be full for your car/camper/Lorry etc. Booking in advance is therefore advised.

First month you will be charged a double month fee (startup-fee).


We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.

BikePort Arctic Championship 2023

BikePort Trackdays 2023

Winter 2022-2023
Estoril March 24-25th, 2023 – VIP 
Portimao March 28-30th, 2023 – VIP
Estoril+Portimao March 24-30th – VIP – motoGP
Portimao March 31 – April 2nd, 2023
Alcarras & Valencia, April 3-10, 2023 – Easter Combo
Alcarras April 3-6th, 2023 – Easter 2023
Valencia April 8-10th, 2023– Easter 2023

Winter 2023-2024:
Valencia October 7-9th, 2023 – NEW!
Almeria October 21-24th, 2023 – NEW!
New dates will be published when dates are confirmed!


Transport DK/SE -> Spain


Booking and Info

Transport Stockholm/Gotheburg -> Spain:
March 17th, 2023
Booking and Info

Transport Aalborg -> Spain:
March 20th, 2023
Booking and Info

Trackdays – Preliminary calender – Comming soon!

Aragon October 10-13th, 2023
Cartagena October 28-31st, 2023
Estoril November 4-5th, 2023
Portimao November 7-9th, 2023
Jerez November 11-13th, 2023
Aragon November 17-19th, 2023
Almeria December 1-3rd, 2023
Valencia December 6-10th, 2023
Almeria December 18-23rd, 2023
Almeria/Andalucia December 26-31st, 2023
Almeria/Andalucia January 2-7th, 2024
Valencia January 5-8th, 2024
Jerez January 11-14th, 2024
Sevilla January 15-16th, 2024
Andalucia January 18-19th, 2024
Almeria January 20-24th, 2024
Cartagena January 25-28th, 2024
Almeria February 1-4th, 2024
Valencia February 6-8th, 2024
Cartagena February 10-11th, 2024
Valencia February 13-15th, 2024
Sevilla February 17-18th, 2024
Jerez February 19-21st, 2024
Almeria February 23-25th, 2024
Andalucia February 26-28th, 2024
Calafat March 2-3rd, 2024
Aragon, March 8-10th, 2024
Valencia March 12-14th, 2024
Jerez March 18-20th, 2024
Sevilla March 20-24th, 2024 – Easter
Portimao March 26-28th, 2024 – Easter
Portimao March 29-31st, 2024 – Easter
Alcarras April 1-4th, 2024
Valencia April 6-8th, 2024
Catalunya April 10-11th, 2024