Transport to SPAIN

Transport Overview SE/DK


We offer transport to Spain from Norway, Sweden and Denmark!

Information regarding transport from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Aalborg

For transportation from Norway, please visit:


We will update this page with transportation dates continuously. Most dates will correspond with our trackday events. Please don’t hesitate to use our transport services even if you’re attending other trackday events.

We are not only obliged to transport your bike to Spain, but we also offer storage at our bike-hotel. All bikes welcome.

All returns are by default scheduled just after Easter. If you want your bike returned on a specific date, we can arrange it for an extra small fee. Please contact us for more information.


We are here for you:

  • Choose from the dates below. We will update this page with shipping dates continuously.
  • We will return you bike after Easter to the same pickup place in the Nordics.
  • Choose your return date
  • Ship in your own bike-box, or rent / buy from us.
  • Attend any trackdays during the winter (ours or others)
  • See Spain during the winter on two wheels – whenever you like.
  • Pay only one way now – and returning costs when returned. See tariff below
  • To get the lowest transportation costs in the Nordics, pay the return costs in advance.
  • Store you bike safely indoors in Cartagena for just €35 pr. month.


We will be obliged to put you in contact with our car rental partner if you need transportation for you and your bike, giving you our best and lowest offer we can find.

For bike delivery directly on the race circuit, please see the tariff below.

We offer storage for bikes, trucks, buses, cars and campers in Cartagena. Check out our bike-hotel here.

Transportation Box (Bike-Box):

Want to make your own? Max size is L: 245cm x B: 100cm x H: 120cm. Make sure there is room for the forklift forks underneath.
Rent or buy from us. See pricelist below.

Our Bike-Box has the following size: 235cm length, 90 cm with and 110 cm heigth.(inside).

All prices are for transport of one bike and equipment in ne “Bike-Box”. Bikes to large for Bike-Box will get extra handling fee added. Contact us before booking!


Shipping dates to Spain:

All shipping dates are according to our trakdays event. Below you see which shipping date correspond with which event.
(Dates are updated regulary)

From Gothenborg and Stockholm:
September 6th, 2022 -> Brno (and following events) – Transport for this event must be booked with the event here:
September 21th, 2022 -> Valencia oct 2022 (and following events)
October 15th, 2022 -> Portimao nov 2022 (and following events)

From Denmark (Aalborg):
September 9th, 2022 -> Brno (and following events) – Transport for this event must be booked with the event here:
September 24th, 2022 -> Valencia oct 2022 (and following events)
October 18th, 2022 -> Portimao nov 2022 (and following events)

All prices in the bookings below are to and from our warehouse/Bike-Hotel in Cartagena (round trip). If you want to book transport together with one of our events, please du so when booking the event to get best price! All bikes will be returned together April 20th 2022 (Week after Easter 2022). If you want bike return before, please contact us.


Other transport options:

Transport Box (Bike-Box):

If you want to use your own Bike-Box, maximum size is 240 cm x 100 cm x 120 cm heigth. The box must be able to be moved with a forklift.
If you dont have your own Bike-Box, you can rent on from us for €150,- Or you can buy one for €400,-

Our Bike-Box has the following size: 235cm length, 90 cm with and 110 cm height.(inside)

All transport prices are for bike and equipment stored in one Bike-Box. If you have a bike that don’t fit in a Bike-Box, extra handlee fee will be added. Please contact us for an offer.


Transport Insurance:

If you don’t have your own insurance on your bike that has theft, fire and transport coverage, we recommend all our customers to get such an insurance.

Regular EU transport insurance Coverage are included in the frigth, however this only gives approx €9 pr kg in coreage.


Storage at our Bike-Hotel:

Your bike can be stored at our Bike-Hotel in Cartagean. Please visit the Bike-Hotel page for information and booking:

If you consider driving to Spain with your registered bike, your race wan, lorry, car with trailer, or even race truck, you can book indoor storage at our Bike-Hotel here:


Shipping Cost:

Stockholm -> Cartagena: € 439,-
Gothenburg -> Cartagena: € 409,-
Aalborg -> Cartagena: € 329,-

Cartagena -> Stockholm: € 439,-
Cartagena -> Gothenburg: € 409,-
Cartagena -> Aalborg : € 329,-



You will have two payments options:

1: Pay all shipment cost and storeage (if choosen) 14 days before shipping date

2: Payment of 50% of total shipping cost 14 days before shipping date. Storage paid each month in advance. Return shipment cost (50%) paid March 20th 2021. THis options will add 5% extra cost on shipping.

NB! Transport prices below are for round trip (to spain and return shipment)!


Booking transport:

If you want to attend on of our events in Spain, please book transport together with the eventbooking here:

Transport Booking Sweden/Denmark to Spain