BIKE-HOTEL – Storage


Indoor storage only!

bikes –  cars – lorries – campers – even semi-trailer! All indoor out of the sun and with stable temperature!

Just 10 minutes from Cartagena Circuit, you can now store all your racing equipment when you need during all winter. You can collect the equipment whenever you want and whenever you are going to the track. The warehouse is in an area with security gates, camera survailance (indoor and outdoor), and with alarm.

The storage is approx 600 square meters, and you can even store your semitrailers inside.

Only our customers that has booked storage will get the addfress to the facility.

All bike storage are perferd to be in cases/boxes, to avvoid any damage during the stay at our place. The packing you do yourself. We don’t want to tough your bike, to be sure we never damage it! If you want to store your bike without puttingit inside a “Bike-Box” that is possible with an extra cost, and a waiver.



The storage cases are 245x100x120cm. If you don’t have your own “Bike-Box”, you can rent one from us.



Please note that all storage is indoor!

We will always have room for your bike, but migth be full for your car/camper/Lorry etc. Booking in advance is adviced.

First month you will be charged double month fee (startup-fee).

Details Price Qty
Bike in Boxshow details + €35.00 (EUR)  
Bike without Boxshow details + €50.00 (EUR)  
Car/trailer- Max 6 metershow details + €50.00 (EUR)  
Car/trailer- Max 13 metershow details + €85.00 (EUR)  
Truck- Max 13 metershow details + €85.00 (EUR)  
Semi/Truck/trailer- Max 17 metershow details + €125.00 (EUR)