JetPrime Racing Bryter Høyre S1000RR

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Right handlebar switch for BMW S1000RR.

Jetprime right handlebar switch interchangeable with the original block and applicable to the handlebars of each bike without any modification to be made.

Plug and Play product and specific for each bike.



HP4 Standard, HP4 Brembo, 2009-2014 Standard, 2009-2014 Brembo, 2015-2018 Standard, 2015-2018 Brembo, 2019 Standard, 2019 Brembo

BMWHP4 Race2019 HP4 Race
BMWS1000RR2009 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2010 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2011 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2012 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2013 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2014 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2015 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2016 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2017 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2018 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2019 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR2020 S1000RR
BMWS1000RR HP42013 S1000RR HP4
BMWS1000RR HP42014 S1000RR HP4