Thermal Technology Evo Dual Zone justerbar dekkvarmere

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NB! Vedrørende størrelse:

  • Large går på A2/300/400ccm og akkurat på 600/750 ccm
  • XL passer fint til 600/750, og går akkurat på 1000ccm (200-dekk)
  • XXL anbefales til 1000 for 120/70 og 200/60 dimensjoner
  • XXXL anbefales til 1000 for 125/70(80) og 200/65(70) dimensjoner

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Innovative dekkvarmere fra italienske Thermal Technology. Varmere basert på karbonfiber teknologi, mao. lettere/tynnere, mer fleksible og mer effektive!

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Model for maximum performance, made with Nomex fabric exterior and interior with the new fabric TDH (Total Diffusion Heater). The heating of the tyrewarmer is divided into two areas and the division of the electrical part into two independent managed by a control unit inserted on the rod, allowing to reach a temperature of 120 ° C evenly across the entire surface of the tyre.


Top level model which ensures perfectly homogeneous heating of all parts of the tyre with a single degree adjustable temperature range

  • Dual zone temperature adjustment
  • Temperature adjustment with integrated control unit
  • Digital display to check heating status
  • Setpoint range 0 – 120°C
  • Non-flammable internal fabric
  • Aramid, anti-cut, water and oil resistant external fabric
  • Reflective triple layer insulation to avoid dispersive waste of heat
  • Carbon fibre heating resistance surrounded by a thermo-conductive silicone cover
  • Heating element with transversal and longitudinal shape
  • Power consumption 950W
  • Black color
  • Material compliant with EC standards



Large (140-180-dekk til A2/400), XL (120/70-17 og 180/60-17-dekk til 600), XXL (120/70-17 og 200/60-17 dekk til 1000), XXXL ( 125/70(80) og 200/65(70) til 1000)